Whether or not you intend to sell, you need to view your business from the perspective of a buyer. 
Allen Harris

Build It, Sell It, Profit

Many business owners do not know what they need to do to prepare to sell their business. They think of their exit as something they’ll attend to “someday.” But “someday” arrives faster than most people expect. Business owners may also be more emotionally attached to their service and see the positives of their brand, their reputation in the community and the amount of goodwill they have developed with vendors, clients, and suppliers.

But people who are interested in buying a business are sophisticated and can easily identify issues that affect your business’s value. They aren’t as interested in your brand or your goodwill or your reputation in the community as you are.

If you want the best possible business, approach it as if you’re putting it up for sale. To do that, you need to ask yourself some questions:

  • What should I be doing today to build my business toward maximum value?
  • What is my business worth, and how do I find out?
  • When I sell my business, will I get enough money to maintain my lifestyle and take the next steps in life?

Allen Harris’ book, Build It, Sell It, Profit; Start Building Your Future Now, answers these questions and shows you how important it is to get started on the process of planning for the eventual sale or transfer of your business so you can maximize your profits.

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