Preliminary Opportunity Assessment

Is your business performing as well as it could? If your annual revenues are between $3 million and $300 million, this program can help increase efficiency and profitability, helping your business grow and thrive.

Preliminary Opportunity Assessment

The Preliminary Opportunity Assessment (POA) was developed for companies with revenues from $3 million to $300 million and can help increase your company’s value by 80%–100%, independent of revenue and earnings growth, over a 2- to 5-year period.


The POA delivers a platform of standardization for professional accounting, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, exit planning and turnaround firms. The POA can increase service quality, operational efficiency, and profitability across functional disciplines, vertical markets, and multiple offices.

Value Opportunity Profile

As part of the Preliminary Opportunity Assessment, we’ll complete a Value Opportunity Profile (VOP®)  for your company. The VOP® assesses your company across the entire enterprise, providing quality and risk ratings for eight major categories:

  1. Planning
  2. Leadership
  3. People
  4. Sales
  5. Marketing
  6. Operations
  7. Finance
  8. Legal

It also provides a baseline estimate of current business value, a detailed roadmap of recommended initiatives to maximize future value, and a dashboard to conduct “what if?” analysis; all in a cost-effective, time-efficient tool that can be used in multiple applications.


Completion of the Preliminary Opportunity Assessment is $10,000 ($5,000 after grant rebate for MA business owners).